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At HK9C we have the latest technology to produce the best products in Central Florida!
Fiber Laser
We have a 30 Watt Fiber Laser that has multiple capabilities.  We have the laser, X/Y table, Rotary (Cups and Round Stock), as well as a Round Rotary Table for:
.50 caliber rounds, etc. 
This Laser can Etch and Engrave:
And All metals such as (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, steel, cobalt, titanium)
 We can do custom designs, photos, dog tags, bracelets, cups, mugs, etc.
Utilizes a square working area of 4.25 inches, larger with the rotary. 
This Laser Specializes in 
*etching or 
**marking metals. 
 *Etching is the process of cutting into metal making an indent into the metal itself. 
**Marking is the process of surface marking, and changing the color of the metal rather than cutting into it.
CO2 Hybrid Laser
This 130 Watt Hybrid CO2 Laser is an all around Laser System that has multiple capabilities.  It has a 130 Watt CO2 Laser, is equipped with a Chunk and Standard Rotary for doing round stock.   
Capable of Cutting:
Steel (Stainless, Regular) Steel, Acrylic, Wood, Plastics (& Similar Materials)
Capable of Etching:
Wood, Leather, Acrylics, Plastics, Glass, Stone, Granite, and Metals (With use of blackening agent), Just about anything!
Large Working Area
The CO2 Laser has a 52 Inch by 38 Inch deck (4 1/2' X 3'), one of the largest in the Central Florida Area, if not the state.  If you look at this picture, the white rectangle is actually a sheet of paper!  When you outgrow your current engraver, give me a call!    We can do it!
Not Just LASERS!
At HK9C, we don't just do Lasers, we also have Sublimation and Vinyl Printers!  We can do custom Vinyl, or Sublimation for coasters, glass, mugs, t-shirts, the possibilities and designs are endless.  Contact us to get started on designing on your projects.
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