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Gift Packages Based on far Guidance
Unit Level Gift (Promotion)$20.00
BN Level Gift (PCS)$40.00
Retirement/ETS GiftUp to $300
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Gift Giving Guidelines
*  Personal relationship: a DoD employee can generally accept a gift when it is clear the gift was given based on an established personal relationship, rather than on the employee's position. 

*  Awards under $200: a DoD employee can generally accept an award with a monetary value of under $200. 

 *  Gifts between DoD Employees (Subordinate to Superior): a DoD employee is prohibited from accepting a gift from another federal employee if that employee is superior to the donor, or receives more pay than the donor.  (AGR/Tech/Active Duty)

However, on an occasional basis, the following individual gifts to a supervisor are permitted: 
*  Gifts (other than) cash that are valued at no more than $10.00.
*  On certain special infrequent occasions a gift with a monetary value of $300 or less may be given that is appropriate to that occasion. These occasions include events of personal significance (such as marriage, illness or the birth or adoption of a child), or occasions that terminate the subordinate-official superior relationship (such as retirement, ETS, Out of state PCS, resignation or 

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