Memories Are What You Make Them
    The Center of Everything at Hartman's Canine Center LLC (HK9C) is that we believe that memories are just as important to hold on to and to embrace, as our animals themselves.  The business name itself is an homage to memories as well.  An acknowledgement of my Grandfather's business I spent so much time at with my family, "Hartman Cycle Center" (Tallahassee, FL 1974 - 2000).
    I got my first dog Breeze, in 1998.  She changed my life.  I never had kids, but she taught me so many things and shared her life with me to the fullest.  When she passed, I saw how much memorials cost and I didn't have the money to purchase one for her, so I made my own.  Now that I am retired (Army 1991-2019) I have made a pledge to help others in two ways.  
The first is to celebrate memories. 
The second is to help keep them.

    I never want to forget how my dogs feel, smell, and sound like.  I think of my dogs daily, and the moments that we have shared.  Me and the staff of HK9C would like to be here to help you commemorate their lives, their achievements, and the time that you share with them.  I also want to make the memorials affordable and not to take advantage of people at their weakest most vulnerable, and to offer fair prices in everything that we do.  
    We also know that not everyone has the means to care for their dogs, and may have to make the painful decision to discontinue care because they can't afford it.  
    We have partnered with a non-profit organization that's mission is to help organizations that are involved with Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Retirement, by quarterly donating to their cause.  We soon will have a fundraising scale to show the amount you helped contribute!
    We still need a veterinarian or organization that gives to pet owners that are going through difficult times and need a little assistance.
    I strive to be able to open a specialized care center in the future, this is my lifetime goal, to assist dogs to recover from surgeries as well as care for the elderly.  

Old Dogs have so much wisdom to share, all you have to do is listen.

    The dream to own this business and to further develop it is dedicated to so many special dogs I have spent time with during my life.  They are further remembered throughout my website and the products that we offer.  In this way, their lives are remembered and celebrated!  See the products named after them in my Shopping Cart:
Mr (Handsome)
And So Many More, to Include All of The People Associated With Them.

BISS ChSilkwind 
Pamdona My Fair Eliza
"Thank you for so much
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We look forward to assisting you to bring to life, the memories that you have created!